Best Coffee Maker

I’ve had this for just two days but so far it has worked very well – compact and attractive enough, simple controls, pours well, makes good coffee that stays hot for hours, and the price is great. You do need to grip the lid with a bit of effort to twist it off (don’t use the spout opening trigger or it may break). To this point, I would rate this as an outstanding coffee maker for the price

It does what is expected, brews filter coffee and keeps it reasonably hot for a few hours. Replacing the filter cone after cleaning it is not as easy as it should be because it fits in only one orientation. The carafe is not especially easy to pour from, and it is definitely easier to fill the water tank from something other than the carafe.

I had high hopes with a new brand that wasn’t Cuisinart! The water never got hot enough – but I dealt with it for a few months.

This machine is designed well and we liked the way it looks (this is what gives it 2 stars), but if you like the taste of a good cup of coffee, then you should look at other Best Coffee Makers. I have had Mr. Coffee units as well as other brands in the past and never had a problem like this one. I was wrong, it ruins the coffee.

The first one I bought was a factory refurbished unit which lasted less than three months and the pump stopped working. I was frustrated, and purchased a second unit, first quality, new from Costco thinking it was just bad luck. I returned the unit to Costco, and stood behind another customer who had returned three of the units and finally purchased a Krups stainless steel model that I did also, and have had no problems.

I’ve been a slave to the bean since my early teens and this machine produces the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had at home. It’s also a very attractive addition to your kitchen, well worth the money, and it has all the features that I desire in a coffeemaker, e.g. auto-off, auto-on, water filter, quality construction, not an eyesore (well, a built in grinder would be nice, but other than that).

About two months ago it became necessary to replace my coffeemaker as the coffee was no longer hot. This coffeemaker makes the best tasting coffee I have ever had at home. I am using the same freshly ground coffee and it tastes better.

Please do not buy this coffee maker. I have gone through three in one year. I personally will never buy a cuisinart coffeemaker again.


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